Hello World AWS Lambda

Hello World AWS Lambda

5 min intro on how to use AWS Lambda with nodejs from the cli (you will need to create the roles and user profiles before).

$ export | grep -i aws
$ aws lambda list-functions
    "Functions": []
$ mkdir testLambda
$ cd testLambda
$ emacs hello.js
$ cat hello.js
exports.hello = function (event, context) {
    context.succeed("hello world!");
$ zip -r hello.zip hello.js
# NOTE: handler is <filename-without-js>.<exported name>
# in this case file is hello.js and exports."hello", so handler is hello.hello
$ aws lambda create-function --function-name test --runtime nodejs4.3 --role arn:aws:iam::<id>:role/lambda-test --handler hello.hello --publish --zip-file fileb://$(pwd)/hello.zip
    "CodeSha256": "JF3Cl7mfTN6S/tHbISyyCHQOw9m7s2onAEFXyAWKvqY=",
    "FunctionName": "test",
    "CodeSize": 235,
    "MemorySize": 128,
    "FunctionArn": "arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:<id>:function:test",
    "Version": "1",
    "Role": "arn:aws:iam::<id>:role/lambda-test",
    "Timeout": 3,
    "LastModified": "2016-11-04T20:24:39.226+0000",
    "Handler": "hello",
    "Runtime": "nodejs4.3",
    "Description": ""
$ aws lambda invoke --function-name test --log-type Tail --invocation-type RequestResponse out.txt
    "LogResult": "U1RBUlQgUmVxdWVz...",
    "StatusCode": 200
$ cat out.txt
"hello world!"

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